dominic egli

1976 Born 1976 in Obfelden, Zürich, Switzerland

1986 From 1983 on courses in music, youthchoire and lessons in drumming; plays in various marching bands

1990 Wins the second prize at Drummermeeting Altishofen

1992-1994 drumlessons with Andy Brugger and workshops at the Jazz School Zürich; member of the Youth Big Band Soziale Musikschule Zürich

1994 member of the youth orchestra of the Zürich conservatory, tour in the USA; leads his funkband „Belly Bottom“

1995 from 1995 on mentored by bassist Peter Frei; trio with Alessandro D’Episcopo, „Workbop Trio“ with Oliver Keller and Fabian Gisler

1996-1997 member of the Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (soloists Bob Berg, Randy Brecker, Bill Pierce, Mark Soskin...); travels to Paris, studies with Daniel Humair

1997-2001 studies at the HKB/Swiss Jazz School Bern with Billie Brooks, member of the Swiss Jazz School Big Band for two years (leader Bert Joris; soloists Phillip Catherine, Jimmy Heath, Clark Terry, Phil Woods...)

1998 stays three month in NYC: ten week program at the Drummer's Collective, lessons with Billie Hart; wins the award of the international "Generations 98" jazzmeeting in Frauenfeld

2000 winner of the first prize at the "Contemporary Patterns" contest in Bern with the Robi Lakatos trio; tours with the Marianne Racine 4tet

2001 founds his trio "PLURISM" with Domenic Landolf and Peter Frei; travels for two month in Ghana, studies with local masterdrummers

2002 concerts, recordings; houseband at the „Generations 02“ with the Don Friedman Trio; tours with Mats-Up; initiates the multiart-event „Kunstsoufflée“

2003 member of the crossover project "Strange Sounds - Beautiful Music" by Araxi Karnusian; works for the dancemovie "Ouverture d'une Armoire" by Ines Meyer (Filmfestival Solothurn); concerts, recordings

2004 concerts and recordings; performs a full month with the Luca Stoll Trio/Quartet at the „Théatre l’Oriental“ in Vevey (cd „What The Thunder Said“); 2 weeks with the Malcolm Braff Trio; stays 3 month in NYC, studies at the SIM (School For Improvised Music) with Henry Grimes, Drew Gress, Matana Roberts, Ralph Alessi, Andy Milne; private lessons with Nasheet Waits, Ari Hoenig, Adriano Santos (Brasil); producer and drummer for the album „Three Trios“ by bassist Peter Frei

2005 tours with Mats-Up in South Africa; records with Mats-Up „Pictures Of An Exibition“ by Modest Mussorsky; releasetour with Peter Frei’s „Three Trios“; founds his trio „K:E:B“; lives and works in Paris for 8 month

2006 concerts and recordings; tours and records the album „Never Let Me Go“ with Robi Lakatos; tours on Cyprus with Koullouras/Karnusian/Egli

2007 works for „Strange Sounds – Beautiful Music“ and their album „interrupted“; tours on Cyprus with Koullouras/Karnusian/Egli; plays with the „Goema Captains of Capetown“, performs his music with „Whirlpool“ at the Bernau Minifestival

2008 releasetour with „Strange Sounds – Beautiful Music“, records the trioalbum „K:E:B Gunzgen Süd“ with his Music; records „5“ and tours in Germany with Mats-Up; plays the Migros-tdwr-tour with „Odem“

2009 coleader- and composer for the ensemble „Miniatur Orchester“, producer of the record „Pro Specie Rara“; records „Odem“ with „Odem“; studiowork for Idee&Klang; tours with Stefano Romerio; member of Jochen Baldes’ jazz&lyrik-project „KoBal“

2010 releasetour „Miniatur Orchester – Pro Specie Rara“; releasetour „Odem – Odem“, performs his music in duo with Marc Méan at the Bernau Minifestival; member oft the Lucerne Jazz Orchestra LJO

2011 semifinalist of the BMW-World Jazz Award, selected for the Jazzahead Bremen and tours in Germany with Mats-Up; studiowork for the compagnie INFLUX; presents his „Fake African Orchestra OBRONI KOFI“ at Must34a, refounds his trio „PLURISM“ with Donat Fisch and Raffaele Bossart and records „Untitled Yet“

2012 releasetour PLURISM „Untitled Yet“; records and presents on tour Mats-Up’s „Psalmen von SAID“; records „Still Now“ and tours in eastern europe with the LJO, projects with Dave Douglas and Hayden Chisholm; performs and records with south african trumpetplayer Marcus Wyatt, member of Ohad Talmor’s Shrulik&Pinkus

2013 records „FUFU TRYOUT“ with PLURISM and Feya Faku; performs and records with south african trumpetplayer Feya Faku; plays and records with the Pauline Ganty 4tet; concerts and liverecording of „Bird’s Eye“ with the Reto Suhner 4tet; concerts and liverecording of „Life is Live“ with Mats-Up; teaches at the école pro amr/cpmdt in Geneva

2014 international tours and recording of „She was looking at the Moon“ with the Joe Haider 4tet; residence at the „Generations 2014“ with the Robi Lakatos Trio

2015 releasetour FUFU TRYOUT with PLURISM and Feya Faku, releasetour „l’envol“ with the Pauline Ganty 4tet; with Mats-Up releasetour „Life is Live“ in Switzerland and Portugal and recording of „The Nature of The Blues; Recording of „keep It Dark“ with the Joe Haider Orchestra; recording of „Easy“ with the Reto Suhner 4tet; Tour with the Marcus Wyatt 4tet

2016 releasetour with the Joe Haider Jazz Orchestra „Keep It Dark“, tour and recording with Nduduzo Makhathini „Inner Dimensions“, tour in eastern europe with Mats-up, ttour and recording of PLURISM und Feya Faku „MORE FUFU!“, accreditation at Kaleidos (private University)

2017 releasetour „Après“ within the festival Suisse Diagonale with the Pauline Ganty 4tet; releasetour „The Nature Of The Blues“ with Mats Up in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Turkey and Azerbeidjian; project with Jakob Sacks; concerts with the Blue Notes Tribute Orchestra (RSA/CH); Mbira studies with Queen Mashie; recording of Peter Eigenmann’s trio CD „Insisting“; recording Joe Haider Orchestra CD „Back To The Roots“; intensive touring with PLURISM’s „MORE FUFU!“ in Switzerland, Germany and South Africa

2018 releasetour „Back To The Roots“ with the Joe Haider Orchestra; releasetour „Insisting“ with the Peter Eigenmann Trio; tour with Nduduzo Makhathini’s Inner Dimension Collective in South Africa and Moçambique; project with Jen Shyu; recording of PLURISM’s album „Azania in Mind“; recording with Roberto Bossard’s New Group; project with Thandi Ntuli

...has played with: Andy Scherrer, Tony Lakatos, George Robert, Roman Schwaller, Grégoire Maret, Dado Moroni, Franco Ambrosetti, Don Friedman, Peter Frei, Malcolm Braff, Rich Perry, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Cyril Bugnon, Antonio Farao, Joe Haider, Russ Johnson, Tom Arthurs, Bob Degen, Ken Cervenka, Colin Vallon, Spirit Child, Patrice Moret, Ohad Talmor, Dave Douglas, Hayden Chisholm, Michael Bates, Mac Mackenzie, Hilton Schilder, Afrika M’khize, Paul Hanmer, Peter Eigenmann, Maurice Magnoni, Jakob Sacks...

Bands: PLURISM, Reto Suhner Quartet, Mats-Up, Ohad Talmor Trio, Pauline Ganty Quartet, Joe Haider Trio + Orchestra, Controvento, Feya Faku Swiss Unit, Nduduzo Makhathini’ Umgidi Trio, Marcus Wyatt ZAR, Roberto Bossard New Group